Alankrita Impressions also offers special materials for decorating homes and offices in India.
We are all about smart, sustainable and affordable living spaces that are a sight to behold for your eyes. We bring to you a variety of materials that are not only budget friendly but boast of both quality and looks.
  • We offer – UPVC Windows and Doors making services in India, to make your home energy efficient, well insulated and protected from the elements and with loads of advantages like longer life, low maintenance, and corrosion resistant and with certain layers that can filter pollen dust and safeguard against pollution and pests.
  • We also offer WPC Products that are made from wood, inorganic fillers and plastic composites and can be used to make furniture, wardrobes and cabinets, floorings, insulations, partitions etc. These are sustainable and can even be fireproof.
  • We have a large selection of Designer Hardware and Fittings that match your styling statement and offer the most unique look befitting a modern home. From locks and latches to other complex fittings – all under one roof only at Alankrita Impressions.